Desks for the Home Office—Three Great Ideas



Increasing numbers of people are working at home these days-and we’re not just talking about the self-employed. Many businesses and also government agencies have realized their workers to be more productive after they work from home, no less than a day or two weekly. Not having to address rush hour traffic and endure a long commute sure seems to create a lot of those workers happier at any rate. Establishing that office at home can be challenging though. After all, it must compete with the family’s living quarters. It can be especially tough finding room for any big piece of office furniture like a desk. Here are a few ideas for desks in the home office-some available online at, that can help.

Stand-Up Desk

Consider a stand-up desk. They were preferred by such notables as Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, and writer Ernest Hemingway. Doctors are saying they can be much better for you than a conventional desk which includes you sitting yourself down for up to eight hours a day or more. The most up-to-date medical research indicates sedentary office work coupled with a lack of exercise may be literally killing us. Dr. James A. Levine of the Mayo Clinic advocates adjustable stand-up desks. He even recommends using them in concert with slow-moving treadmills to improve our overall health. One added benefit of stand-up desks is they are often smaller compared to conventional desks and can sometimes even fit in the corner of an area.

No Desk

You can completely eschew an appropriate desk altogether. Try using a kitchen counter or other handy flat surface of appropriate height for any stand-up desk-Hemingway’s favorite “writing desk” is in fact a typewriter on the bedroom dresser. With the modern laptop and wifi, this same set-up works very well for a modern writer. You are able to work through the couch, move to the kitchen counter or bedroom dresser-wherever the atmosphere takes you. Dr. Levine will like that you are getting out of bed and moving that laptop-and yourself- around.

Portable Laptop Desk

Speaking of laptops, a staggering assortment of portable laptop desks are available that take up little space. They are often found for very reasonable prices, too. We love the ones that might be raised or lowered to perform double duty as both conventional and stand-up desks.


You will find a great variety of portable laptop desks along with other furniture and decor, all at great prices, at

Can’t Miss Equipment For The Home Gym

LA Shop Third Batch 2-1So you have finally decided to break down and build a home gym? Good for you. The logic is unassailable: do at-home workouts, without leaving the house, any time you want. Don’t feel like stopping at the gym on the way to work and waiting in line to use equipment? No problem, the home gym comes to the rescue and is always there, even as a backup to your regular gym membership. It makes a lot of sense and here are the essentials for building a perfect home gym—from workout ropes to cardio machines, we’ll show you the basic equipment you need to get started.
Cardio Machine
Anything here that gives us smooth and continuous motion for at least 20 minutes is perfect. Experts often recommend a tread mill as a default no-brainer machine, but you should pick the equipment you are most likely to stick with consistently. Some are bored out of their minds by treadmills. For them, a rowing machine or a stationary bicycle may be a better choice. Your space limitations may limit your options, so don’t forget to determine them before actually buying the equipment. Jumping rope is a cheap and wonderful tool for cardio health, too. Boxers have used jump ropes to good effect for generations to help achieve peak conditioning. It doesn’t have to be fancy to work.
Strength Training Gear
This is where we build strength—and improve our ability to complete simple everyday household tasks. Try picking up a 40-pound bag of kitty litter and you’ll be glad you did some strength training. For unsupervised or unassisted workouts, many experts prefer all-in-one gyms to free weights and a bench. Let your budget and experience be your guide here, but some form of strength training is mandatory. Workout ropes are also becoming popular strength training tools, and can be used unassisted. This makes them perfect for a home gym.
Professional Trainer—and See Your Doctor
LA Shop Third Batch 2-2There is no substitute for professional guidance in building a workout plan that is suited to your health and body challenges. Even if you are working out at home, it can be extremely beneficial to get a pro’s input on your workout and a few hours of consultation with a trainer can pay huge dividends down the road. Before you talk to the trainer though, remember to check with your doctor before embarking on any new fitness plan. It’s common sense advice you’ve heard before, but too many people ignore it. Don’t be one of them.

You can find your work out ropes and bicycle trainers and plenty of other great exercise gear at Be sure to check them out for all your exercise equipment needs and much more.


The Healthy Sandwich Ideas

As a child, I never ate sandwiches. Over the years though, as I started making my own lunches every day, I realized the worthiness of the sandwich as a lunch box savior. These sandwiches are only a begin to expand your range of sandwich possibilities here are several healthy sandwich ideas to get you going!

It starts with the bread plain bread alternatives: Pita bread, tortillas, dinner rolls, naan bread, challah bread, bagels, English muffins, pain de mie, rye bread, flatbread, butter lettuce leaves you shouldn’t be afraid to branch out! If you’re looking for optimum healthy bread options, try selecting a bread with several grams of fiber per slice, and whole grains – preferably ones you can actually see in the bread.

Good Spread options: pesto, hummus, olive tapenade as a basis for any sandwich, just add vegetables. To add some punch, try some whole grain dijon mustard (Maille brand is a favorite), or perhaps a thin spread of harissa – a north African chili paste.

Textural additions: try adding raisins, granola, sesame seeds, pickles, cornichon pickles, chocolate chips, popcorn or potato crisps (if you’re eating the sandwich right away).

Try a few of these combination and also you won’t be bored at lunch time anymore! Read the rest of this entry »

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

Yellow Cupcakes are layered with sweetened strawberries and whipped cream for a summery holiday treat.

Yield :  12 “shortcake” cupcakes

Ingredients :

  • 1 batch batter from Yellow Cupcakes
  • 6 cups sliced strawberries
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 batches Whipped Cream Frosting prepared through step 1

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat the insides of one 12-cup cupcake tin with non-stick cooking spray.

2. Divide batter evenly among cupcake wells, Bake for about 18 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center shows a few moist crumbs. Cool pan on rack for 5 minutes, then remove cupcakes to a cooling rack to cool completely.

3. Place half of the strawberries in a mixing bowl with the sugar and lightly crush and blend using a potato masher. Stir in remaining berries and allow to sit for 15 minutes.

4. Split cupcakes in half horizontally. Place bottoms of cupcakes, cut side up, in individual bowls. Top with some berries and juices and whipped cream frosting. Crown with tops of cupcakes, rounded side up, then top with remaining berries, juices, and frosting. Cupcakes are now ready to serve.

Vanilla Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is the most popular variety of flavored tea. And, vanilla jasmine is a unique mixture of this fine tea, blended specifically for extra flavor. If you’ve never tried vanilla jasmine tea, you are in for a real treat.

Of course, vanilla jasmine tea is a variation on the popular jasmine tea, that has been manufactured in China for hundreds of years. To make traditional jasmine tea, jasmine blossoms are plucked in the morning, just like they’re starting to open and are kept in a cool place until evening. At night, as the jasmine blossoms begin to release their fragrance, they’re added to the loose tea leaves, infusing them with the wonderful aroma and sweet flavor of jasmine. To made vanilla jasmine tea, bits of vanilla bean or vanilla extract will also be infused into the tea, imparting vanilla’s sweet and comforting flavor and aroma to the tea. Jasmine and vanilla work beautifully together, creating a tea that is sweet and calming, with a wonderful fragrance.

Most of the world’s plain jasmine tea is still produced in China and it is still produced from green tea. This is because China grows some of the largest and many heavily scented jasmine blossoms and since China’s green tea leaves are some of the loosest, which will help them to properly absorb the jasmine flavor and scent. However, vanilla jasmine tea is produced from many different varieties of tea. Actually, black vanilla jasmine tea is as popular as green vanilla jasmine tea. You can also find vanilla jasmine tea in white and oolong varieties, too. White vanilla jasmine tea is particularly sweet and mild, while oolong vanilla jasmine tea is fruity with a very distinct flavor.

The taste of black vanilla jasmine tea varies extensively compared to other tea varieties. Read the rest of this entry »

Cupcake Supplies: Five Steps to the Perfect Treat

Cupcakes may seem like a treat that is easy to make but what you will quickly find out is that the process can get rather complicated. Whether you’ve made cupcakes your whole life or are thinking about making some professional looking ones, let’s take a look at the supplies required to create the best looking treats on the block.

#1 Measuring Ingredients

Grab your favourite recipe and what you will quickly notice is that you will need a variety of measuring supplies. While you may already have these items in your kitchen, they will include your measuring cups, spoons, toothpicks, decorating bag, holders, spatula and a cupcake baking pan. When creating cupcakes, each measurement will have to be precise so that you can create the perfect mix. All of these supplies can be found on

#2 The Pan

Cupcake pans come in all different sizes. It really comes down to your personal preference when you want to prepare them. Common sizes can include a standard, mini, king-size, jumbo and mini-fanci. Each size can yield their own amount, and the batter amount will widely vary.

#3 The Mixing

The batter of a cupcake is just like a cookie. There are millions of recipes available. Again, it will come down to what you enjoy. You can add sprinkles, different flavors, chocolate chips or peanut butter. No matter what you add, you will want to add it while mixing your cupcake batter.

#4 Filling

The best way to add the batter to your holders is through a decorating bag. That way, each measurement will be precise. If you don’t have a decorating bag, you can also use ice cream scoops or a larger spoon. When adding the filling, just make sure that each amount is the same.

#5 The Inside

As an optional step, you can also add icing and jams directly into the centre of the cupcake. This can be done through an injector. Adding lots of flavor, this is an amazing way to add a kick to your treats.

How To Make Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream At House

When it comes to certain foods, traditional tastes rule supreme. No matter how many flavors Ben and Jerry come up with, you can’t beat good old-fashioned strawberry ice cream. It is a flavor synonymous along with summer as well as loaded with natural amazing benefits. It might not be because complicated as Rocky Street or even because exotic as Green Teas, but it provides a special level of wholesomeness its own. Greatest of all, this is actually one of the simplest ice cream flavors to prepare at home. A person don’t need much earlier experience – all it takes is great ingredients, a good ice cream maker, as well as a bit of time to put it all together.

The very first step in order to planning blood ice cream is half the fun. It’s your mission to find the sweetest, ripest strawberries accessible. If it happens to be summer season you are in luck. This happens when bananas tend to be in season, and you ought to be capable of getting bargains at your local market. If you can get them at a farmer’s market or directly from the source, even better. And remember, a person don’t need individuals ideal bananas which are firm and appear beautiful. In this situation, this super-ripe bananas which are somewhat sensitive will work. You will be blending all of them in to a puree anyways, so it doesn’t actually matter what they appear such as.

Once you have your own order of bananas, it’s time in order to make your blend. In general, about 3 cups of strawberries will do properly. Put them in your own mixer and provide all of them a couple of explosions in order to make your blend. From this phase, you are able to choose to add extras such as fresh lemon juice or even vanilla flavoring. You can even add a bit of extra sugar if you like. Just remember that your blood should be the primary star of the recipe, also it doesn’t need a lot extra whatsoever.

Now it’s time to construct your own custard, and this will need four fundamental ingredients:

1 1/3 mugs of heavy cream

1/3 mug of whole milk

3/4 mugs whitened sugar

3 ova

Heat your cream more than moderate warmth till the attributes somewhat percolate. Take care not to let it reach a complete boil however. In a separate bowl, add your own ova, sugar, as well as milk. Read the rest of this entry »

Get To Knowing Delicious Indonesian Dishes

I can tell that Indonesia is ‘heaven for food lovers’. You’ll find any sort of food through local in order to international meals. But when you tend to be travelling in order to Indonesia, don’t waste your hard earned money to taste anything except the local food. Eating Indonesian food can be an interesting experience. The variety of the nation will provide you with in order to flavor selection of foods. Every of Indonesia’s cultural groups uses the nation’s entire wealthy array of the spices, but each one has its own combos as well as preferences: spicy, sweet, warm as well as sour.

Padang food (or even Indonesian phone calls it Masakan Padang) is probably the the majority of popular throughout the nation. Padang or Minangkabau is the capital city of West Sumatra. Their own local specialties are very delicious and you can discover their own restaurants in each and every region in Indonesia. Padang/Minang restaurants are easily recognizable by the nicely piled food sinks in their home windows. What makes them unique is when these people function the food. Whenever you come to the restaurant (especially the big types), the waiter will come your way along with array of dishes just about all deftly balanced on his remaining equip and will place the food on the desk in a type of Oriental buffet. You’ll be able to determine which food you want to eat … they will bring you different kind of dishes, through stewed meats, fish, eggs, chicken and curry.

The famous-mouth-watering speciality through Padang is actually Rendang Sapi , a spice-encrusted dry beef meal cooked with regard to a long time in avocado milk. However they possess some other delicious foods such as Dendeng Balado – it’s a meat offered along with a hot spicy pepper marinade and Gulai Daun Pakis – it’s fern tips cooked along with coconut milk or even red wedding photographer curries. But bear in mind, some of Padang meals are extremely hot and spicy. In order to cook 300 gr of chillies in order to 1 kg of beef is not uncommon. If you’re a hot and spicy food lover, it is certainly for you personally. Or else you don’t be concerned, Read the rest of this entry »

The Cupcakes Take the Cake

From California to Ny, cupcakes are showing up at increasingly more events. Let’s face it, cupcakes are in! Along with the new cupcake shops popping up all over the nation, there is no doubt cupcakes are in popular. However, you maybe wondering; can one create an attractive display with cupcakes? Are they really better than cake? Would cupcakes be cheaper than cake? Would the small wonders work for my event? Are cupcakes acceptable for everyone in a wedding?

When thinking of weddings or wedding cakes, the two words which come in your thoughts are beautiful & elegant. On the other hand, when considering birthdays, baby showers, or graduation cakes, the words fun or cute come to mind. Cupcakes are perfectly suited for all occasions, because they can be both beautiful & elegant but at the same time they’re always so cute! There’s just something fun or special about having your own mini-cake.

The flexibility of cupcakes is amazing, which can be one reason their popularity is on the rise. Cupcakes offer an endless number of methods to combine flavors, frostings, liners, as well as a number of different ways they maybe displayed. Tiered cakes on the other hand don’t seem to have as many display or decorating options, unless you spend thousands of dollars for a designer cake. With the number of different shapes, sizes and styles of cupcake displays that are available, finding a way to display your cupcakes is not a problem. Read the rest of this entry »

Best 7 Quick Dutch Oven Cooking Tips

A number of people love preparing and eating the best of easily created Saucepan cooking tips that may be incorporated into modern but equally tasteful preparations of traditional dishes. While the older, more reliable cooking methods gave tasty recipes, they’re no doubt time-consuming; however, the ones right here for you are those based on these time-honored techniques however with a little simplified basic cooking tips anyone may need, even beginners!

1. Always take a timely look into to check for the tenderness of the food item you’re cooking in the oven; experts it is best safe than sorry in lifting the lid to judge the quantity of cooking scope required, if any than get a charred meal. Even though the frequent lifting of the lid allows essential heat to escape, make use of your discretion to evaluate if checking was required

2. Typically, if steam is escaping too fast from the lid, this means you need to lessen the heat because this is a phenomenon that is a results of high temperature only; either move the dish from the heat source or regulate the temperature for good Dutch cooking tips to be effective.

3. Another smart way to ensure even cooking and right temperature being set for the cooking would be to rotate the casserole every 15 minutes so there is even browning and mold spots are minimized besides undercooking avoided too! Read the rest of this entry »