Cupcake Wedding Cakes – A Wedding Cake With Style

Keep Them Talking for Years with Cupcake Wedding Cakes!

The cake at a wedding is second only to the bride. But, cake is passe; the in thing is a “cupcake wedding cake.”

Contrary to how you may imagine, a “cupcake wedding cake” does not consist of a giant cupcake, but rather, of many regular sized cupcakes decorated to create one, “cake.” Cupcakes are fun, delicious, and they add a bit of the unexpected to a reception.

Cupcakes are appropriate for almost any wedding a bride and groom may want. If an intimate, gathering of friends and loved ones is your style, cupcakes add an air of ease and simplicity. They also eliminate the mess of cake cutting or hiring a few people to cut the cake.

Are Cupcake Cakes For You?

Regardless of budget, finding ways to save money on a wedding is universal. Cupcakes are less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. It’s not uncommon for a wedding cake to cost hundreds, or even thousands. Save a few hundred on a cupcake “cake,” and get yourself an upgraded wedding dress! Normal wedding cakes cost $4-$17 per slice, most cupcakes range from $4-7….even the really fancy ones! Then, there’s the option of making them yourself since it’s much easier to make a cupcakes vs a traditional “wedding” cake.

Offer a Montage of Flavor

Regular wedding cakes offer two or three flavors at most. White, yellow and chocolate are popular options and white or chocolate frostings are always welcome. But what if you could choose between lemon meringue and devils food cupcakes? They’re a great way to offer guests a bevy of delicious treats.

How to Get Your Dream Wedding Cake for a Fraction of the Cost

After pouring over hundreds of bridal and wedding magazines, I’m sure you’ve found a cake or two that you have your heart set on. You may have given up after visiting your local bakery, and they quoted a price that rivals your gown. If you choose to go with cupcakes to feed the masses, you are now able to afford a small, delightful version of your dream cake for your wedding party.

Cupcakes Hold Their Own at Both Intimate Gatherings and Full-Blown Affairs

There are many ways to dress a cupcake. Create an elaborate presentation with your cupcakes or simply place them neatly on a tray. Either way, guests will be delighted.

The Cupcake Tree

Cupcake trees are beautiful edible displays. Cupcakes are arranged in a tree shape, and decorated individually. Once every guest enjoys the “art,” they can go choose their favorite!

Wrap Cupcakes in Style

If each cupcake is to be displayed, go for a designer wrapper. Just about any imaginable design is available, and you are sure to find one that fits your wedding perfectly.

Cupcakes as Favors

Almost all weddings offer favors to their attending guests. Why not have a delicious, frosting topped cupcake awaiting them at the reception? Cupcake favor boxes come heart-shaped and allow the small treats to be observed through a clear window. A sure hit!

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